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hey everyone

what's up everyone? howz everyone doing? as for me, i'm doing good since i'm back on the hawaiian islands. anyways, my other half is in _ _ _ _ . please pray for our heroes and their families. GOD BLESS THE USA. well i just signed up with AVON to be a Sales Representative. If you are interested in purchasing AVON products please visit their website at or email me at Being an Avon Sales Representative is having your own small home based business. This will be a great learning experience for me because I will soon be opening my small home based business sometime next year 2005. I won't tell you what it is or when I'm actually going to open it. It will be a surprise. I hope y'all will be looking forward to it because I know I am.

P.S. Please let me know if anyone or anyone that you know are interested in ordering or would like to become a Sales Representative with Avon.

Well that's all for now.

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